Biologically Intensive agriculture (Biointensive) is a food-growing method that works in harmony with nature. When properly practiced, Biointensive allows nature to operate according to its design to sustain life indefinitely. Evidence is that, for at least 4,000 years and on at least four continents, small-scale, Biologically-Intensive agriculture provided the foundation for flourishing civilizations to grow their food without causing significant harm to their environments. For approximately the last 125 years, a relatively new experiment has been taking place on the world's farmland in the form of a mechanized, chemical form of food growing. As a resut, the world's farmable soils—the basis of agriculture and civilization—as well as its water stores, energy resources, nutrients and wild habitats for our fellow species are resources that are being depleted at accelerated rates. This does not have to be so.

Since 1972, Ecology Action has been collecting knowledge as old as recorded agriculture itself, re-discovering the universal scientific principles behind sustainable food growing that are equally applicable wherever food is grown. While there are no quick fixes to the current problems with agriculture, there are real solutions. What is the value of farming literacy? This website is your library card; the garden is your classroom.

It is Ecology Action's hope and objective that through this website you will gain: Knowledge: 1) of the challenges we are facing 2) of the hope that can be ours by accepting the pleasurable responsibility inherent in cooperating with the Earth to grow food. Feelings: 1) of relief (that there is a solution) 2) of empowerment (that the solution is you) and Inspiration: to act where you are to put into practice the knowledge learned and to share this knowledge with others. Tomorrow depends on the positive actions you and I take today. Please join us and millions around the world in making a World of Difference.

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